Top Real Estate Agents in USA 2022 List

Top Real Estate Agents in USA 2022: Real estate business is one of the most ongoing business fields in the modern world. Real estate is the profession that involves selling, buying, or renting real estate like land, buildings, or housing and along with this includes the purchase of raw land, their rezoning, construction of the sites and renovation of buildings, and selling or leasing the finished product to the users. This business, even though it has risks, and management issues is one of the most profitable professions in the global market. Real estate agents play a vital role in purchasing a new property in a new area for the customers and the firms that have well-qualified real estate agents become the leading firms in the markets.
Top Real Estate Agents in USA 2022
Top Real Estate Agents in USA 2022
Well-acquainted agents who know the depths of the real estate industry are the go-to person for the customer. They earn a huge to a reasonable amount of money through this job. With good word of mouth and recommendations from customers, real estate agents become popular within a few intervals of time. In huge countries like the USA, finding an apartment or home or selling a property is tedious work. Approaching a Real estate agent makes this task easier. America is one of the countries where the real estate business is flourishing at its peak. Here in this article, we will have a look at the top 10 Real Estate Agents in the USA

Top Real Estate Agents in USA 2022

  • Gary Keller and Joe Williams

Gary Keller and Joe Williams are the proprietors of Keller Williams Realty which was established in 1983 in Austin, Texas. Starting as a single office firm, the firm is now one of the most leading in America. Gary and Joe strive together to make this happen to imbibe new technologies and techniques in their business.
  •  James Weichert Jr.

James Weichert is one of the top 10 real estate agents in America. James Jr. founded Weichert in 1969 in Silver Spring, Maryland, and has grown the business which has more than 10000 employees. His business includes a one-stop shop for buying a house, a mortgage of property, and selling.
  •  HomeServices of America

          The agents of this firm are one of the leading real estate agents in the US. Founded 24 years ago in 1998, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Berkshire Hathaway owns the business with 1600 employees. Services vary from mortgage loans, title, property insurance, and many others.
  •  Glen Sanford

Glen Sanford, the founder, and CEO of eXp Realty is a real estate agent, who claims to be the owner of the largest residential estate brokerage in the US and is employing more than 40,000 people through their firm and has 7 additional firms apart from the U.S.
  • Serena Boardman

Serena Boardman, the Senior Global Real Estate Advisor of one of the leading firms in New York, Sotheby’s International Realty is an expert in the townhouse, co-op, and condo markets which makes her successful and profitable in her business.
  • Art Bartlett and Marsh Fisher

Art Bartlett and Marsh Fisher are one of the leading agents in the real estate industry. Through their company, Century 21, founded in 1971, they became the top agents in the country and they gave a contemporary look to the firm recently, becoming more modern, providing new techniques like useful calculators, buying guides, tip sheets, etc.
  • Cathy Franklin

Cathy Franklin, a real agent from the Corcoran Group, takes a place on the list. Focussing on luxury homes in New York, Cathy has been in this business for nearly 28 years and is a good decision maker, and negotiator, always striving to make her clients feel at home.
  • Dave Liniger and Gail Main

Dave Liniger and Gail Main come in this list under the top 10. They own a franchise system, RE/MAX real estate that was founded in 1973 in Denver, they are an example of success in the real estate business growing year by year. With new innovations, they also do charitable activities.
  • Ryan Schneider

Colbert Coldwell and Benjamin Banker owned the Coldwell Banker firm in Great San Francisco and are one of the leading real estate agents in America with 3000 offices in more than 49 countries. They offer relocation, brokerage, and settlement services. Now, this firm has been bought by Anywhere Real Estate, the CEO, Ryan Schneider manages the firm and is on the list of top 10.
  • Ori Allon, Robert Reffkin

 Ori Allon and Robert Reffkin are the owners of the leading real estate industry firm, Compass Real Estate which works on proprietary software to make the work of clients easier and develop new software, promising high-quality options for clients.
Disclaimer; The above Top Real Estate Agents in USA 2022 information is not arranged according to any order and is taken from some media reports

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