Top 5 Best Stocks to Invest in 2022 in India

Investing has been common in today’s world as people are more concerned about inflation. Prices for each and everything is going too high. Not only stocks but our household expenses are too increasing at a faster rate. People want to earn money through investing their money. Generally while investing people come across the real estate sector but the disadvantage of this sector is we need a huge amount of money. Just buying a house in a city costs to in lacs and crores.
Middle-class people have the opportunity to invest in stocks and have better returns with a small amount. It’s not easy to find good stocks but I may help you in a better way to find stocks for you.  As you can see the correction in today’s market as nifty has fallen around 260 points This is the time we can enter the market. The top 5 shares will be sharing today have huge upside potential in coming years. The market gives us confidence and makes a way easier to choose stocks.

Top 5 Best Stocks to Invest in 2022

Top 5 Best Stocks to Invest in 2022
Top 5 Best Stocks to Invest in 2022

 1. Reliance Industries

The company has come down from its all-time high to 2340 levels. As the company has increased its Jio recharge prices we expect that it will in the end benefit the company and increase the revenue with huge margins. Although we heard the news that Reliance Industries is entering the power sector with the largest operation in India this is a good sign that company is expanding with the country as the government is planning to make most the vehicles electric. So, we can see Reliance Industries can touch 4000 levels in the coming 2 to 3 years.

2. Tata consultancy services Ltd.

Tata as a name gives a guarantee that it has a great future. Investing in Tata stocks has never disappointed the market participant. We can expect TCS gives 4500 levels in upcoming years.

3. Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

HUL has dominance in the Indian market as every household uses its product. Whatever the economy has to do with it HUL will always sell its product and earn revenue. It will never be in a position where the products won’t sell. So it is recommended that we can expect a good amount of return from this stock.

4. Mahanagar Gas Ltd.

MGL is a sector which can grow as fast as petrol and diesel were in 2000. As we can see people are now moving from petrol diesel vehicles to CNG vehicles their is a huge demand in the market for MGL. We expect a level of 1450 one year down the line from today’s level which is just 880.

5. Tata power Ltd.

As electric vehicles will have dominance in the Indian market in upcoming years we can see a huge upside in Tata power stock. Currently, a lot of people have been attracted to the company due to its operations and making contacts to plant EV stations at HPCL petrol pumps a lot of investors have already put their money into this company. We can see a huge potential in this company as we have more and more opportunities coming forward for the company and the government to support it. All these stocks have huge upside potential and guaranteed returns in the future and This is the time to invest in the future.

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