Top 10 Penny Stocks in India 2022 Below 1 Rupee

Top 5 penny stocks to buy In India. Penny stocks are those stocks that have a high-risk high reward ratio. It generally means stocks whose value is very less but can be multi-bagger in upcoming years can be termed penny stocks. How does one find penny stocks? So, here are some good sorts of findings I will be sharing with you. Firstly see a company which is in small size but keeps a potential to grow in future. Companies such as tech, power are the sectors where you can find penny stocks. People generally miss out on the right stock which was in a portfolio but they have sold out it due to a small downfall. Many can’t find out which is the right stock and should we invest in it or not. Based on the assumption we have to choose and try to take risks. Here are some penny stocks you can buy and keep for the future.

Top 10 Penny Stocks in India 2022 Below 1 Rupee
Top 10 Penny Stocks in India 2022

Top 10 Penny Stocks in India 2022

1. Surat textile mills Ltd

This company works as a textile mill. Having said it’s a high-risk high return investment you can buy it for 2-3 years terms to gain some good returns. The promoters have around 74% of shareholding which shows that this stock is an attractive pick. One can easily invest in this kind of share.

2. Orient green power company Ltd.

The companies share trades at 5.85 per piece. This is a power company and you can assume that the Indian economy is moving towards electrification which means this stock can be the next multi-bagger. The company is really attractive as net profit has been increased 192% to 61 Cr. (YoY) and its revenue has increased to 115 Cr. As such a huge margin shows that the company is in focus. More people will be attracted. So, don’t miss a chance and try your luck.

3. Zenith Healthcare Ltd

As you can hear Healthcare has a different prospect in the market. Our generation depends on Healthcare. The more the people more is the need for Healthcare. So, you can have this in your portfolio.

4. HCC Ltd.

HCC is an industry leader in construction engineering. The company serves projects in such a diverse range as transportation, power, marine projects, oil, and gas, etc. So this stock can be very interesting if one wants to invest in it.

5. Bhandari hosiery Exports Ltd.

These stocks look attractive. As a good sign of upward movements as a lot of people is interested in buying this stock. It has hit an upper circuit has shown a good trend to move upward.

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