What is Gryfaun? Gryfaun Real Animal, Really Exist, Wiki, Real Or Fake

Gryfaun is the animal that is creating a sensation on the internet. This animal’s unique look is making people wonder what this unique-looking animal is. No people have seen this Gryfaun animal in real and is seen in pictures on the internet only. In this article, we will have a look at the Geyfaun’s history, origin, danger, existence, and discovery. 
Now the real story behind this unique-looking animal is out. Gryfaun is not real. Gryfaun looks like a hybrid between a faun (a mythical Greek creature of half human and half goat) and a gryphinx (a monster in the dragon series) having a heart face structure with fur coating the face. The body looks like a wolf and the tail is a mixture of grey, white and brown. 

What is Gryfaun?

The arms, head, and legs look artificially made of resin. The horns look equisite and aryistic with amber color eyes. The Gryfaun looks vegetarian, and is 16 inches tall. This rare animal is actually a creative creation of artist Anya Boz. It is a spirit animal or a room guardian created by her. 
As per the reports, Gryfaun does not exist. Gryfaun is just a mythical creature and is a spirit animal or room guardian created by Anya Boz. Room guardians are creatures small in size containing a crystal heart and are believed in protecting the room from evil spirits. They are very much popular nowadays and are sold at higher prices ranging from hundred to thousand dollars.

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