Best Low Price Shares To Buy Today 2022

Best low price shares to buy today. There are a lot of shares one can buy at a cheap and discounted rate but the best for investment and healthy returns are as below.


The Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation (CESC) is the Kolkata-based company of the Sanjiv Goenka Group. The share price of the company is approximately 84 Rupees but can be a good bet for future growth as the company has very stable management good profit and a lot of other factors too.

Best Low Price Shares To Buy Today
Best Low Price Shares To Buy Today
2. Zomato

As you see the future technology has a very good potential for each product. Zomato uses technology and delivers its services which has a great advantage in the market to dominate as people are more interested in buying online than going to hotels and waiting for long hours. The share price of the company is around 85 Rupees and has huge upside potential.

3. Gabriel Ltd.

You have never heard about this company but it’s a great auto component company that provides a lot of raw materials to Ola electric. A lot of products are being used by ola in its electric Bike while manufacturing. The company is currently small-scale but has good potential to grow in the future. The share price is around 121 per share at a reasonable valuation.

4. Antony Waste Management

Waste management is one of the toughest things to do. People generally do not know what can be done about waste. One should understand waste will be much more critical to manage in the future but antony waste management has an advantage as its already working to solve the problem of waste. One should invest in such companies as it has a very good future for the business to grow. The share price is around 280 but the market cap is approximately 800 cr. It’s a small-scale company.

5. Exarro tiles

Tiles have one of the great businesses to do in construction work. Exarro has a very good management team and future products that attract customers. So one can thing of investing in such companies. The share price of the company is around 122 and has the potential of growing a lot.

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