Best Dividend Stocks to Buy For 2022 in India

It is said by a great philosopher that if a stock does not give dividends you should never buy it. The dividend is a part of the profit that company pays to the shareholders. Generally, every company does not provide dividends but those who make sound profits declare it every year or two times a year or it may be quarterly. You should always have dividend stocks in your portfolio. In the long run dividend stocks give you a lot of dividends it can be your side income. Here are some interesting dividend stocks which are recommended to keep in your portfolio.

Best Dividend Stocks to Buy For 2022 in India
Source: Best Dividend Stocks to Buy For 2022 in India

Best Dividend Stocks to Buy For 2022 in India


Bharat petroleum is a very attractive stock that has a huge intrinsic value of 612. But it trades around 370 levels currently. The company declares a very attractive dividend of 8.80% every year. The company has paid around 58 Rupees dividend in the month of September. It means if you had 1000 shares then you would have got 58000 as dividend and capital appreciation along with it.

2. Infosys

Infosys is an IT company with has its business worldwide. As we can see the world is going to technology-based in future one should think of investing in such company. It pays a dividend of around 1.61% yearly. IT sector is going to be much bigger than we think. So we can receive a good dividend in future.


It is an electric utility company. It has been paying dividends every year the companies market capitalization is medium and one can start investing in such a company to get a handsome dividend which is around 5% yearly.

4. Castrol India

This company is a chemical company. Everyone has heard about this company. Each and every motorbike or car needs oil and other chemical things that this company provides. It pays an annual dividend of 4.50% and it’s really attractive.

5. Tata power

As you can see the power sector is going to be very essential and very profitable in the next 10 years. We can expect that growing profits will declare a very attractive dividend in the future. One should start investing in this company as the company annually pays a dividend of 0.71%.
These all companies are very attractive. We can expect capital appreciation in the future along with that a good dividend income.

Disclaimer:- This is only for educational purposes. It’s not advised to invest above stocks and we won’t be liable for any loss.

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